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How to Use SEO to Improve Your Website Ranking in 2020

How to Use SEO to Improve Your Website’s Ranking Summary This article contains background and practical advice for improving your website ranking. If you read this article you will learn about what you can accomplish with a better ranking. We also cover: Focusing on a Niche Title tag and Meta Descriptions Keyword maintenance Introduction First things first. In order to improve website ranking, you need to make sure that there is more traffic. Traffic means that more people are accessing your website which is great for sales and revenue. But how do you do this? Everyone knows that improving a

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How to Use an Email List for Business Advantage

In this article we explain a bit about the history of email lists and newsletters. We explain the role they play. Perhaps more importantly, we have reviewed Industry literature and collected Best Practices (Secrets) which will tell you how to actually leverage the great potential an Email List holds.

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5 Social Media Trends to Watch out for in 2020

In this article, you will learn about how businesses are leveraging the power of social media, How technology meets social media to better customer experience and the importance of customer engagement by speaking out as a responsible and responsive business.

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Data Analytics can help grow your business: A low-down on growing your business in the cyber age

Start your free, no-risk, 4 week trial! Track your visitors now Data Analytics can help grow your business:A low-down on growing your business in the cyber age. C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies have the luxury to tackle one business problem at a time. They usually have billion dollar budgets, an army of managers and other levers at their disposal. Lucky for them, because they are not in the trenches of the battle that so many small and medium sized businesses constantly find themselves in. This article can help you 1.     Appreciate the importance of Big data and why it

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Three Examples of Business Models Based on Innovate Technology. How do big data analysis and artificial intelligence play a role in this process?

Emerging technology allows us to both A) send signals and communicate with users (clients) AND B) to analyze the large amounts of data generated in today’s digital world.
Here are three concrete examples of companies who are using (new) technology to discover and develop new markets. Another way of saying “new markets” is “new products and services”.

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A sneak peak at increasing sales by 30% and much more

There’s a lot Big Data can do: It can help organizations shore up their bottom lines by helping them review the performance of their departments, gauge the outcomes of their services, track loyalty of their customers and even help weed out non-performing human resources.

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Queries, Keywords And Search Terms

Start your free, no-risk, 4 week trial! Track your visitors now Queries, Keywords and Search Terms In this article we discuss the loss of search terms, explain the current relevance of queries within Google, and outline our current strategy for building content based on focus keywords. November 2017. The goal is to understand how your choice of words influences your Marketing and Sales efforts. Executive Summary – Bullet Points ‘keywords’ and ‘search terms’ are now called Queries, by Google you can no longer see which visitors used which queries you can still see which Queries bring you traffic, but only

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“Google search” through all your traffic data

We have released an incredibly powerful feature only available in Opentracker: easily search through all your visitor traffic data in realtime. This means you can enter any search term that interests you and get results based on all your site content and your complete visitor history within seconds.

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Too much CRAP – Big Data is here to stay

  Too much CRAP – Big Data is here to stay All the data. All the time. That pretty much sums up The Age of Big Data in which we now find ourselves. Organizations that learn how to make use of the data will prosper. There are datastreams being generated by all the ways we are connected to the internet. This data is being collected and stored, although there is too much of it to organize, so it’s CRAP (create, replicate, append, process) as Charles Fan calls it; “generated by machines, coming in large quantities at high velocity.” The solution?

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