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App Analytics – Usability & Definitions

When we say that we have built Mobile App Tracking – that can raise some questions. Definitions are needed.

Q: What is mobile app tracking?
A: Mobile app tracking is combined data from native and web app usage on mobile devices. This means tracking and measurement of app usage. If you build, publish, advertise through or sell apps, you have users, it is important to know how these users make use of your app, and if they are loyal users, meaning retention.

What this amounts to is usability testing. Your app users effectively become testers. Individual profiles mean that you can inspect both one-night-stand installs and loyal users in order to determine what is successful and what is not.

For ten years, we have pioneered real-time website tracking, meaning we show what website users are doing while they do it. Using our knowledge of how to both measure and display real-time data, we now provide this service for apps.


  • Native app: An application developed especially for use on mobile devices, written in a native programing language like Java or Object-C and can be sold throuh app stores like Apple’s Appstore or Google’s App Market.
  • Web app: A site built using standard internet languages. In other words: people accessing websites through mobile devices.

In our next post we will Define and Discuss the change in terminology we have made from website analytics (clickstream tracking and pageviews) to App Analytics, which is the measurement of events, which we display in Eventstreams.

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