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This report shows you all sources of traffic to your website, and divides the traffic into PAID and ORGANIC.
For every source, you can see the search engine name (if its a search engine) and the search term. So, for example, you can see that Google sent you three visitors looking for ‘webstats’ organically.


What am I looking at?
A list of traffic sources organized by search engine. Results are divided into organic (free) and paid (sponsored) per search engine. Click on either category, “organic” or “paid”, to see search terms for each group.
Why should I look at this?
To compare sources and answer questions. Which source delivers the most conversion. Where does high quality traffic come from?

Source: These are the sources of traffic to your website. This list includes all search engines that send traffic to your site. Click on “organic” or “paid” to see all keywords per search engine category. The keywords are the search terms the visitor used to find your site and complete the goal.
Visits: This is the number of visits that included a click on one of your defined goals. Click a number in the Visits column to expand.
Conversions: The total number of visitors who “converted”: reached a defined goal. Click on the number to expand.
Goals reached: The name of the goal reached that caused a conversion.
Cost per Click (CPC): Price paid for the click. Opentracker sees this information if the cost of the click is defined in the Destination URLs of your PPC campaigns.
Total Costs: The total costs of all clicks. The cost-per-click is often unique and must be defined in the Destination URLs of your PPC campaigns. Opentracker then sees the information automatically.
Total Value: Total value of all goals reached. The value of each goal is defined in the “add goal” wizard.
ROI: Total value of all visit activity minus cost of all activity. Values are pre-defined using wizard. Costs must be inputed through Destination URLs directly in PPC campaigns.


A list of all sources of traffic to your website. The list is ordered by popularity. All types of sources are recorded. The data is automatically generated without any additional configuration needed.

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