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Use the Telephone are code report to see which area codes are the most popular for your site. This is useful if your business works in any way with telephone communication or (customer) support.

This report lists all known area codes through which people visited your site.

Using the calendar, you can select any date range required. The date range is then displayed top right in the Options bar as the ‘selected period’.
The columns in the table are; No., Area Code (tel) (state, city – region) (click number for list or location for map), Graph, Visitors, Percentage.


The Telephone area code report displays all visits to your site filtered by area code.
Visually, the report is made up of a list of all area codes from which visits were identified, in order of popularity.
The information is displayed in both a pie chart graph and a table.

Functions & Features

Click for more Click on both the area code number itself OR on the location name for redirect which provides more details; map, list, or specified area code


Telephone area codes report

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