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Most Popular Pages shows you all pages on your site, ranked in order of popularity, for any given period of time. Use the calendar to select your date range.
The columns displayed, from left to right, are: No., rank, page title / url, graph (visual representation), visits, and views.

The difference between ‘visits’ and ‘views’ is that visits indicates the total number of visits to your website which include a click on the page in question, while the number of views indicates the total number of times the page was viewed. For example, over 10 visits, a page might be viewed 17 times.

The Rank column shows you if popularity has changed over time, using green and red arrows. You can select whether to view the page title and/or the url.


Note: this report a) only shows results for pages which include the javascript and b) have been visited in the period selected.
Note: you can find this same information organized by file directory in the report: Top navigation lists >> top files & directory paths


A list of the all the pages on your website ordered by the number of times each page was viewed. The report is avalaible for any selected date range. The Most Popular Pages report is grouped together in the Top Navigation Lists.

Functions & Features

Options barThe Options bar is indicated by the wrench icon. Click on the Options bar in order to access:
site selection drop-down
display: title and/or url
results: number of results to be displayed
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download as .CSV – excel


most popular pages

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