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Top entry pages shows you, for each page, how many visits originated with clicks on leach respective page.
Use the calendar to select your date range.
The columns displayed, from left to right, are: No., Rank, Entry page or url, Graph, Visits,  Avg. pv/ v.
The Rank column shows you if popularity has changed over time, using green and red arrows. The yellow line indicates that there has been no change in status.


A list of the all the pages through which visitors enter your site, ordered by the number of visits which included an entry event. The report is avalaible for any selected date range.
The defnition of an entry page is a page which functions as an entry page into your site or domain, meaning that it is the first click or page seen in a visit to your website.
Note: Top entry pages are pages located on your website or domain.

Functions & Features

DisplayTitle and/ or url for each entry page.


Top entry pages

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