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Top exit links shows you how many visits included clicks on links leading from your website to other websites. A 3rd-party link means that the link leads visitors out of your site to a 3rd-party site. As can be seen from the screenshot below, a lot of traffic moves between opentracker (sub)-domains. This is because, technically, a move form one domain to another is an exit (and an entry).

Use the calendar to select your date range.

The columns displayed, from left to right, are: No., Rank, Exit page / url, Graph, Visits,  Avg. pv/ v.

The Rank column shows you if popularity has changed over time, using green and red arrows. The yellow line indicates that there has been no change in status.


A list of the all exit links used to leave your website ordered by the number of visits including a click on each link. The report is avalaible for any selected date range.
The definition of an exit link is a link that leads from your domain to any other domain.

Functions & Features



Click on any reported exit link (url) to be taken to have that page open in a new window.


Set the Display to the desired number of results; 100, 250, 500, 1000.





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