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This report displays an overview of clickstreams of first-time visitors to your site. The report runs in reverse chronological order. Most recent visits at the top of the list.

The columns read from left to right; last event, duration, current page (exit page), and entry page (landing page).
Current page (exit page) is the current/ last page visited and if it was the last page seen, is the exit page through which the visitor leaves your site.
An entry page is the page on your domain through which visitors enter your site.
You can click on any visitor icon (puppet) in order to be taken to that visitor’s complete clickstream and visitor profile.
Hover over the icon/ puppet in order to see the visitor profile.
The Options bar provides you with the ability to set the display to page title and/or url and to select the number of results to present.
There are ‘start/refresh’ and ‘next’ buttons at the top and bottom of the page.
Bottom left of the page tells you: ‘recently online first time visitors’ which gives you the number of first-time visitors to have been online during the last 30 minutes.


A real-time report which displays clickstreams (most recent first) of first-time visitors to your site. Each visitor is represented by an icon which displays their status and a visitor profile.
A first-time visitor is a visitor who has not been identified as having already been on the site.

Functions & Features

Status indicator Puppet color indicates online status; Green: active Orange/ yellow: recently active (3-10 min) Red: inactive
Individual clickstream Click the user icon (green or red puppet) to load a new page showing you the full event- or clickstream of the user through site or app, dating back to their first recorded activity.
Duration Time spent in session or visit. The time indicated is the total of all clicks or events. S.E. means single event. This means that only a single click or event was recorded. Time is calculated by measuring time between events. Therefore when there is only one event, “s.e.” is displayed.
Visitor profile hover Hover over the user icon (green and red puppets) for complete User Profile.


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