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Report displays an overview of clickstreams of visitors who came to your site using search terms. Most recent visits at the top of the list.
The columns read from left to right; last event, duration, visits (pv), search term, search engine and landing query.
When Full results are displayed an additional column appears: search engine/ search term/ entry page or url
In the Options bar there are sevearl interesting features.
Display: ‘simple‘ or ‘full
Simple means: you see the search term, the search engine and the landing query.
Full means: an expanded set of details: the name of the referrer ie ‘google’ the search terms, and the landing/ entry page, meaning where the link led to on your site.
In both ‘simple’ and ‘full’ you can click on the name of the referrer in many cases and be taken to the ‘page before’ which means the search results the visitor saw before clicking on the link to your site.
Results: 20/ 40/ expand (or collapse).
Expand: is interesting because it expands the visible clickstreams to display all the clicks in each of the most recent visits, for each visitor. It means the amount of information shown on the screen for each clickstream increases to include the name of referrer, search term, company/ org, etc.

When the Results are expanded, the Options bar also includes the option to select title and/ or url.
You can click on any visitor icon (puppet) in order to be taken to that visitor’s complete clickstream and visitor profile.
Hover over the icon/ puppet in order to see the visitor profile.
There are ‘start/refresh’ and ‘next’ buttons at the top and bottom of the page.
Bottom left of the page tells you: ‘recently online visitors by search term’ which gives you the number of first-time visitors to have been online during the last 30 minutes.


A real-time report which displays clickstreams (most recent at the top) of visitors who have used search terms to find your site.
The definition of a search term is one or more words (characters) used to find your site through a referrer.
Each visitor is represented by an icon which displays their status and a visitor profile.


screenshot of visitors by search term
screenshot of visitors by search term FUll display collapsed results

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