Company Identification

Company Identification

Identify Leads by Company

Are you in communication with a company, following up a lead or making contact? Has a lead taken a look at your site, or passed on the link to colleagues?

Lead Demand and Generation have become everyday terminology for most business websites. How valuable is it for you to know which companies are looking at your products & services, and how often? What if you could send this information to the sales agents who are managing and on-boarding accounts? 


A: Because getting attention from companies and potential clients is probably the real reason you have a website.

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The information collected about visits from specific companies can be used to understand what companies are visiting, and to see what they are doing.

Specific companies and leads can be followed, and when combined with a CRM system, this information increases your potential for success.

Our tools allow you to collect and target companies you interact with. Universities, banks, and governmental bodies are examples of organizations identified. Data is triangulated from multiple sources to increase accuracy.

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