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Read & Write Api Magic: Events, Data & Reporting

The Opentracker Web API can be used to create reports exactly as you need and envision; send custom data to our servers, and query the data in realtime.

For example serving content based on geographic location, A/B testing, or dynamic form building.

Push Data into your CRM

It is a bit like magic: using Opentracker you can tell your CRM when companies visit your website and where they click. In other words, we measure engagement across your digital assets, and can send the data where it needs to go with our API. 

Reading Data

You can use the Opentracker web API to read or get data. All reports are available as api calls. You can chain, link, mashup or combine api data to create reports which are customized or more advanced than those available in the default reporting interface.

Writing Data

You can use the Opentracker API to write or add data. Inserting data (events) can be done by submitting an event to our logging servers with a secure https request. The API has been designed to be fast, redundant, fault tolerant, and scalable for high event volume.

Writing Data

This is what makes us unique. Click here to read about the ability to search through large quantities of data in real time.  


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Web, App or Big Data

Use Opentracker to log/read any data real-time and create custom reports.
We can insert, store, and re- trieve data from any signal sent over the net.

Our Scalable Analytics engine runs on the same technology that drives Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc, meaning that you don’t have to worry about spikes, ceilings, or volume increase.


Both the API itself and its use have been designed with sim- plicity and computing power in mind. Internet enabled environ- ments and devices with
access to the web can send API requests. Examples include static html pages, dynamic webpages, Content Manage- ment Systems (CMS), Cus- tomer relationship management systems (CRM), Smartphones, and virtually any device that can be connected to the internet.

The Opentracker javascript contains functions and listen- ers making it easy to insert your custom events into the Open- tracker Events Engine.

Custom Events

You can send us any event with a simple javascript call that we provide. We also provide a simple javascript function which allows you to send us multiple event key/ pair data entries. Additionally, you can also compile your own post or get request if you require more control.

There are predefined event types that determine how an event is processed and shown in the reporting interface. For example, the eventType called “email” will add the value of that event to the user profile and

will be ranked in the report Top Emails.

Export/ file formats

Within organizations it is crucial to share information with col- leagues, departments or other systems. The easier to do so, the more likely that important insights will be shared. This strengthens the process of decision-making.

Opentracker wants you to do something with the numbers we collect. For that reason
we support options for export- ing reports into numerous file formats. It is also possible to stream data to colleagues or clients through a mashup or portal – please see developer API functionality for all possible options.

We currently support the following formats: json, CSV, jsontable, PDF, SVG and html. More file formats can be added upon request.

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