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Website tracker: events & properties

Website tracker to store visitor actions and

data of your visitors

Inserting data (events) can be accomplished by submitting an event to our website tracker or logging servers with a secure https request. The website tracker’s API has been designed to be fast, redundant, fault-tolerant and scalable for high volume events. The API allows Opentracker customers to store event data both with GET or POST requests.

The use of the website tracker’s API has been designed to be simple and powerful. Internet enabled environments and devices with access to the internet can send the API requests. Examples include a static html pages, dynamic webpages, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer relationship management systems (CRM), Smartphone’s, and other devices connected to the internet, etc.

The Opentracker javascript contains functions and listeners so you can easily insert your custom events into the Opentracker Events Engine.

opentracker web analytics custom events screenshot

Track single events

You can send us any event with a simple javascript call that we provide, you can also of course compile your own post or get request if you need more control.

Track multi-dementional events

We provide and easy javascript function to send us multiple event key/pair data entries, but here also, compile your own post or get request if you need more control.

Event types

There are predefined event types that determine how an event is processed and shown in the reporting interface. For example, the eventType called “email” will add the value of that event to the user profile and will be ranked in the reports Top Emails.

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